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Call for Papers: Tool Demonstrations Track

Goal and Scope

The ICSME 2016 tool demonstrations track is the ideal venue for practitioners and researchers to discuss cutting edge tools for software maintenance and evolution. Such tools often accompany or precede new techniques, or use existing techniques in new ways to solve unique problems. We invite submissions describing novel tools (or novel aspects of tools) at different levels of maturity, spanning early prototypes to mature tools ready to be (but not yet) commercialized.

All submissions to the tool demonstrations track should describe the problem that the tool is designed to solve, a depiction of the tool's design/architecture, key related work, and any caveats and major known limitations. To grant additional freedom to authors, the ICSME 2016 tool demonstrations track will allow for two types of submissions:

Preview tool demo
A 2-page paper, plus up to 1 page for references. Tools that are in the early stages of development and perhaps not yet ready for live demos are of particular interest. Authors of preview demos are encouraged, but not required, to include a URL to a screencast of the tool in action in the paper. Preview demo presentations will be in the form of lightning talks.
Live tool demo
A 4-page paper, plus up to 2 pages for references. Mature tools that are ready for wider adoption by software engineering researchers and/or practitioners are of particular interest. Authors of live tool demos must include the following:
  1. A URL to a screencast of the tool in action in the paper submission
  2. A runnable version of the tool for evaluation by the program committee (instructions below)


All submissions that meet the submission criteria (see below) and fit the scope of the conference will be reviewed by three members of the tool demonstrations track program committee. Key reviewing criteria are:

Relevance to ICSME audience
The core concepts of the work either originate in research, either at ICSME or a related conference, or are novel ICSME-appropriate topics.
Novelty of the tool
The tool should solve a software engineering problem in a new way.
Accessibility of the tool
The tool should be made available, especially for live demos.
Technical merit of the tool
The tool should have a sound design and meet basic quality standards.
Overall quality of the manuscript and any companion resources
Including screencasts, companion web sites, and runnable artifacts.
Adherence to tool demo specifications
This CFP.

Submissions that are not in compliance with the required submission format or that are out of the scope of the conference will be rejected without being reviewed. Submitted papers must comply with IEEE plagiarism policy and procedures. Papers submitted to the tool demonstrations track must not have been published elsewhere and must not be under review or submitted for review elsewhere while under consideration for ICSME 2016.

Publication and Presentation

Accepted papers will be published in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. Please review the ICSME 2016 Publication Requirements for more details. Demonstrators are expected to provide their own equipment. We will make every effort to ensure special accommodations are met. However, technology may be unavailable or unreliable. We expect Internet access to be available but recommend that demonstrators install all required services on their own laptops prior to the conference. Live tool demo authors will have additional time to present, demonstrate, and discuss their tools at the conference. More presentation details will follow notifications of acceptance.

How to Submit

Submissions must be formatted according to the ICSME 2016 Formatting Instructions. Preview tool demo papers must not exceed 2 pages (including figures and appendices) plus up to 1 page that contains ONLY references, and live tool demo papers must not exceed 4 pages (including figures and appendices) plus up to 2 pages that contain ONLY references. All submissions must be in PDF and must be submitted online by the deadline via the ICSME 2016 Tool Demos Track EasyChair conference management system.

Live Tool Demos ONLY: Submitting a runnable version of the tool

After submission, authors of live tool demo papers will receive e-mail instructions to upload a runnable version of their tool to a private FTP server. The runnable version should be submitted as an exported VirtualBox VM image containing the tool already setup in the intended run-time environment. A VM image (as an *.ova or *.ovf file) provides the best guarantees for reproducibility by the program committee. A README file should be provided with directions on how to use the tool presented in the paper. If for some reason a live demo tool cannot be submitted as a VM image, please email the chairs ( and as soon as possible. Situations where VM images may not be possible include when the tool requires:

  • Proprietary/commercial software that cannot be distributed to the committee
  • Significant computation resources

Important Dates

Abstract submission
June 24, 2016
Paper submission
July 1, 2016
Author notification
July 29, 2016

Submissions close at 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth, UTC-12)